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In Trade Show Displays on September 11, 2010 at 11:03 am

Another Trade Show Displays Tip:

New graphic applications in the trade show displays market seem to present themselves about once every 10 years. In the 90’s it was lambda print graphics, in the 00’s, it was dye sublimation graphics beginning with overhead tension fabric structures and spreading to pop ups, and the new decade beginning in 2010 is obviously the decade of the silicone edge graphic. Well, if you haven’t heard about it or don’t know a lot about it, let me share a little of my first hand experience with one of our new trade show displays.

I’ve used dye sublimation graphics for the past 4 years when it came to mounting them to large metal exhibit structures with Velcro, but this is the first year that I had the nerve to actually stick my neck out and order the new “system” for a clients new trade show display which just happened to be a 20 x 40’ which had two trade show displays in one, and about 2,200 square feet of silicone edge graphics.

Initially when the primary vendor of this new technique took on a new project, they’d have the manufacturer of the metal send all the framework to them so it could be fitted properly, but now a year later and probably a thousand trade show displays later too, they trust their skill enough to get the right dimensions and move forward and produce it, ship it, and know that it will fit perfectly. In fact, I found that to be the case with my project.

As with any new trade show displays product, there is a bit of a learning curve with regard to installing it properly; and with this product it isn’t as intuitive as you’d like it to be. For instance, when installing it onto a rectangular frame, you attach it into the four corners first, next in the middle of each of the sides and then work your way away from the middle of each of the 4 sides making certain that you work the opposite side away from the middle at the same time. What you’re trying not to do is to stretch the fabric as you move from side to side or up and down. If the silicone edge was stitched onto the fabric correctly, the fabric piece should in the end, be taunt enough to make the graphic look perfect. This not only applies to small trade show displays but large ones as well.

This new process will give your graphics a crisp new look when mounted properly on your trade show displays and distinguish you from your competitors.

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