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In Trade Show Displays on September 7, 2010 at 7:52 am

Another Trade Show Displays Tip:

For many who have utilized pop up displays as their primary display system, the temptation from year to year is to sometimes let your message get a little stale by showing the same graphics and images to get people’s attention show after show.  Unfortunately for the prospect that comes by each year to continue warming up to you and what your company offers, they might find the experience getting a little monotonous sooner rather than later.Pop Up Displays

At a recent show I saw a very unique way of changing out the message on a pop up that would work for all pop up displays. This particular exhibitor had 3 sections on his photo mural panels that had material that would be dated rather quickly, so in order to keep up with the changes he had to make and not be reprinting $2,500-$3,000 photo murals each time his message changed, ordered new images printed in approximately 18” square prints and attached them to the existing photo murals of his pop up displays in the prescribed locations with standoff caps.  He took the caps and inserted the ¼-20 threaded piece that when screwed into the cap on the front surface would be long enough to continue through the mural and be tightened onto the mural by a cap from the back side.  Somehow, the presence of the caps took away from what might have been a rather phony looking way of mounting the print and made it look very polished and natural in how it was finished.  So often I’ve seen this tried unsuccessfully on pop up displays, because unless you’re using a straight frame and the graphic really does stand-off the photo mural, it looks very unprofessional; but this didn’t!

Another way to keep your product looking fresh at each show is to inspect and be aware of how your case looks that you’re wrapping a graphic or fabric piece around to make a case to counter kit to complement your pop up displays.  Over time, the part of the case that’s not covered will get beat up rather badly, so instead of buying a new case or stopping using it as your podium, there is a very inexpensive solution which is to buy a $50 black lycraPop Up Displays | Lycra Case Cover cover that slips down from the top and actually covers 100% of the surface with a solid black backdrop on which to mount your graphic panel.  Now, the beating that your case takes in transit won’t negatively affect the look of your booth presentation and will give new life to your pop up displays.

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