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Trade Show Displays | Challenges with Silicone Edge Graphic

In Trade Show Displays on September 11, 2010 at 5:01 pm

Another Trade Show Displays Tip:

I wrote in a recent blog about my first experience with silicone edge graphics on a new 20’ x 40 trade show display.  This new graphic process is used with small and large trade show displays alike, so it appears to be a product that might be here to stay and can be use with most large and small graphic applications.

The second time I supervised the set up of this booth, we noticed a few things that seem to have changed. Generally speaking:

1)    There appears to have been a little stretch introduced into the fabric from the first use, as when applied to the same framework, didn’t appear to be attached as tightly to the frame and more subtle wrinkles could be seen in the fabric when standing up close.Trade Show Displays | Silicone Edge Graphics

2)    Our booth had pieces of fabric that were 19’ tall by 10’ wide and it appears that the sheer weight of the fabric hanging from  the top of the frame appears to have stretched it some and ultimately the silicone edge at the bottom had to be rolled to take an inch out of the height of the graphic so it could be fitted into the channel and the fabric look tight.

3)    Some of the smaller double-sided frames such as 8’ x 5’  now have fabric that fit on one side and would be too loose on the other side. This appears to be a situation where the framework sagged just enough to make tightening the fabric almost impossible.

4)    In many situations during set up, we would go to a corner of a graphic panel and cut the fabric at a 45 degree angle so that one side or the other could be rolled to take a little slack out of the fabric.Trade Show Displays | Silicone Edge Graphics

Ultimately, there is a little bit of a learning curve and it will take a while to understand how to blend metal and fabric in the right sizes and knowledgeable people knowing how to react in different situations with their trade show displays before the system becomes a little more predictable to set up. However, I must say that it’s an entirely different scenario to deal with silicone edge graphic on smaller trade show displays versus  larger island trade show displays as the learning curve is much longer.

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by Lowell Nickens,  LinkedIn Profile