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Back in July 2009, I offered up a post that suggested that before you hop onto anyone’s political or social bandwagon too soon, you might like to weigh the facts carefully related to “what do the people who are pushing this agenda to have green trade show displays, have to gain by promoting their cause?” In that post I said the following about being taken by somebody’s scam:

How do you avoid it? Start with this:
1) Who is saying it and what financial incentive might there be to play this thing out?
2) If someone becomes the official spokesperson for the cause, do they have anything to gain financially by promoting it?
3) If this thing can be hyped enough, can somebody associated with it get promoted or recognized to the point where there might be another dollar in it for somebody?

Trade Show Displays

Trade Show Displays

Get the point; follow the money!

Nobody likes to be taken in by somebody’s scheme, but what do we now know that we didn’t know when I wrote the above?

1) All the source data that proved the entire Global Warming theory, was in the care, custody, and control of professors at the East Anglia University in England; who, based on this source data, put forth the “proof” for global warming. Let me also state that only a select few were ever allowed to see the source documents that were collected from around the world. Doesn’t science work on the basis of peer review in order to learn the “truth” about anything? Why was the peer review process abandoned in this particular instance?

2) When asked to share this data a few months ago, the world was told that it was destroyed due to storage problems which would forever render the entire scientific community,  unable to prove or disprove the original findings.

Trade Show Displays

Trade Show Displays

3) Then we find out from archived emails that were disclosed, which were written by the very scientists who held the source data hostage for years and then destroyed it, that they had both manipulated the data (and they told how they did it) and schemed to discredit anyone who would challenge them.  Seems as though the “follow the money” suggestion was very appropriate.

Now I’m not a big conspiracy theorist, but any fair-minded person would have to conclude that “there’s something rotten in Denmark.” Hmmm, where did that slang phrase come from? Well, it’s a phrase right out of Shakespeare, spoken by Marcellus; however the exact quote should be read as the “state of Denmark” which in this instance, refers to a fish which is rotting from the head down—all was not well at the top of the political hierarchy in that day and age. Certainly seems appropriate at this point in time as well, given that the Global Warming Conference is being held in Copenhagen, Denmark, and even as we speak, something seems to be rotting “from the head down” in many political circles who are pushing this agenda.

Now, as I said in July, I really didn’t see any point in turning my trade show displays business into a green revolution, and after waiting a few more months, I’m glad that I didn’t fall “hook, line, and sinker” for that rotten fish!

Lowell Nickens

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