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In Trade Show Displays on December 18, 2009 at 8:34 pm

Trade Show Displays

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Often times, people tend to confuse their logo for their brand when it comes to Trade Show Marketing.  The brand encompassed the personality of the company, including the value proposition, the positioning statement, the mission and philosophy, the company’s culture and of course the logo. A branding strategy within an advertising campaign is plan for marketing efforts.  A logo is just one piece of the branding strategy puzzle.  Do not get me wrong, it is still a very important and crucial piece of that puzzle, but it is not your brand as a whole.  The logo you develop for your company is a symbol that has the ability to become a sign of instant and powerful brand recognition for you business, and for the services and products that your business represents.  This symbol can become something that can be understood cross-culturally and can break through many barriers on its own.  That is why its development as an important part of your branding strategy should be something that is not overlooked.

Before you begin the actual process of creating your logo, remember that the development of a brand strategy for the company must be complete before you start.  This is important to remember because, the logo acts as a representation for your company and their branding campaign, if you begin to develop a logo without the stability of a brand, you may be putting across the wrong message to the public.  The more consistent your branding strategy is overall, the more consumer recognition and positive feedback you will receive.  In regards to the world of trade show marketing, a branding strategy would be like the entire campaign of your event.  And the logo would be the symbol or mark that represented the brand on a physical scale.  The logo may appear at the display stands, or on the t-shirts of the booth staff, or maybe even printed in bright colors on the Pronto banner stands.  Wherever it may appear, just remember that consistency is key.

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