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Trade Show Displays | 3 Reasons for Poor Follow-Up Success

In Trade Show Displays on December 15, 2009 at 1:33 am

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Banner Stands

Banner Stands

One of the most important trade show objectives is to acquire contacts and leads from each event that can lead to potential business in the future.  Your company signs up for an event, creates a trade show display, designs banner stands, hires and trains an energized exhibiting staff, spends time and money investing in the quality of the presentation, and then from there, thinks everything will be magically taken care of.  Often times, this is not the case.  This could be the reason why the majority of trade show leads do not successfully turn into business.  Research shows that nearly 80 percent of all trade show leads are not handled properly.  Another 43 percent of potential customers receive materials after they have made a decision to do business with another vendor.  Lastly, 18 percent of potential customers have reported that they never actually receive any materials after the trade show is over.  These numbers are devastating; because they show that customers are not getting what they want, and vendors do not know how to give it to them.

The three major reasons for the problem of poor follow-up post event are, poor quality leads, lack of proper resources and responsibility, and also improper follow-up skills.  We must examine these issues and try to get to the bottom of these problems so that both parties can be happy and satisfied.  If companies can learn the importance of follow-up success they will begin to understand why the post-event work is not only necessary, but also an integral piece of the trade show puzzle. If you don’t, all the money you spend on trade show exhibits and banner stands will have been wasted.

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