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Trade Show Displays | A First Impression

In Trade Show Displays on December 14, 2009 at 2:02 pm

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Trade Shows

Trade Shows

The trade show – for those who have yet to experience the pomp and circumstance – can be an overwhelming experience; especially those larger trade shows in which companies from throughout an entire industry come together under one roof for a matter of days or even a week. First of all, it can be more than a bit frightening to come face to face with that many companies – those that are essentially competitors (if not on a day to day basis then most certainly during this time period when you are vying for the same audience). But beyond that first initial shock there is the realization that we are expected to perform – and perform at our best – throughout this time period. And if we don’t, we will most certainly be passed over by attendees at trade shows in favor of more interesting looking booths.

So how do these attendees at trade shows know that if the companies in question have what they need? It certainly can’t be from the conversation that they have had with company representatives – that comes later when passerby are intrigued enough to actually approach the trade show booths and talk to someone about the products and service offered by the company. And it certainly isn’t from the literature that they have read. It’s not like attendees at  trade shows are given anything in advance other than a company name, a booth number, and perhaps a general description of what the company offers.

Trade Shows

Trade Shows

No, attendees at trade shows decide to stop and talk to somebody in a booth by first checking out their trade show booths. It’s the booth that attracts them first. Savvy companies that want to succeed in a trade show environment bring along with them comprehensive and visually interesting trade show displays that will convey in a matter of seconds what booth personnel are not able to impart as people pass by.

Think of trade show exhibits as a first date. Better make it look good or you’re not likely to get another!

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