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Trade Show Displays Introduce New Companies, Part I

In Trade Show Displays on December 13, 2009 at 4:57 am

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Starting a new company is always a challenge for a number of reasons; there is the financial foundation that must be put in place, the physical property, the staff, the equipment and, of course, the orchestration of the business plan. Beyond the traditional start up, however, there are often specific opportunities or events where a new business has the ability to present itself for the first time and introduce its products and services; a trade show is one such opportunity with display rentals.

Display Rentals

Display Rentals

Trade shows are held throughout the year; an opportunity for businesses within an industry to network with their peers and essentially market their company. For new businesses the trade show experience is especially important as it often marks the first public event during which the name and “face” of the company is presented. Because of this significance, it becomes even more important for a new company to effectively brand itself within the parameters of the trade show. To this end, it is crucial for new companies to come out of the box with a powerful and effective trade show presence that will foster the goals of the company. Don’t just think of a large capital expenditure to make your presence felt, also consider Display Rentals for your first show or two until you understand exactly what works best for your sales team on the show floor.

Display Rentals

Display Rentals

Professional companies that create impactful display rentals, work with companies – new and established – to best represent them in the trade show environment. Smartly designed trade show exhibits are those pieces that belong to the participating companies; how they outfit those spaces is up to them (within the guidelines set forth by the trade show rules). With professional services behind them, new companies can create trade show displays that will:

* Attract the attention of trade show attendees. Such an environment is a competitive one; it is essential that new companies present themselves with impact and style rather than fading into the background.

* Pair a new company with its trade show “face.” Trade show displays done the right way are meant to define the company so that the sight of its trade show booth in the future will automatically alert attendees to the company’s presence.

In the next post we’ll discuss some of the other ways that effective trade show displays are able to help new businesses through the outright purchase or display rentals.

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