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Another Trade Show Displays Tip:

Trade Shows

Trade Shows

Once trade shows are over, you must evaluate the results of the event to see if your objectives were met, and if you can turn any leads you acquired into customers.  If your sales objective was to find leads, make orders, or sell products, you may want to wait a little longer than normal to evaluate your success.  The Center for Exhibition Industry reports that 57 percent of attendees at trade shows will make a purchasing decision within 12 months of attending a show, but some may be longer depending on the certain product or service.  But if your objectives were to brand your products, create exposure for your industry and services, or possibly to introduce the market to a new product then you will have to find a way to make sure the information was received and understood by the right people, this will show whether your objectives your executed properly or not.

Trade Shows

Trade Shows

Often times you can be so overwhelmed with the post-event recovery process that you forget to sort through all of your leads and potential customers.  This can lead to prospects becoming impatient and turned off by your delay, they will more than likely find someone else to do business with if you take too long getting in touch with them.  In order to prevent this from happening, you must contact with an event attendee as soon as possible after the trade shows is over.  Sometimes within the first one to two weeks would be ideal.  If your prospects really listened to you when you claimed that the products and services provided by the organization could help them, then they want it now not later.  They are ready for business and your products could be their answer, but only if you execute your sales objectives by contacting your leads in a timely manner.  Knowing the importance of a timely follow-up should encourage you to stay focused throughout the experience with trade shows, and remember that the end is only the beginning when it comes to selling.

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Trade Show Displays

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