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The Benefit of Trade Show Displays, Part II

In Trade Show Displays on October 24, 2009 at 1:41 pm

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Trade Show Displays

Trade Show Displays

In the last post we related our experience in getting ready for our company’s first participation in a trade show of any kind. Because the show itself was being held out of state, we were responsible for the financial ramifications of travel and accommodation – on top of the money we had paid to actually participate in the show and rent the trade show booths that we required.

Now at this crucial moment – perhaps in light of the money they had already spent – our company’s management was balking at the idea of spending the money to create high-end professional trade show displays. The trouble was that I had already attended this same trade show the same time last year and knew that without the proper trade show displays to support us we were almost in certain danger of being passed over by potential customers. Not to mention the fact that a paltry showing at a trade show would not do much for us in terms of introducing our name, our products, and our services to our industry peers – peers that would most assuredly be coming to the table with professionally designed trade show displays.

I knew without a doubt that without taking the time – and spending the money – to create those trade show displays that would set us apart, we would simply be lost in the crowd, completely mitigating the financial investment that our company had already made.

Trade Show Displays

Trade Show Displays

In the end, the voice of reason won out and company management was convinced to spend the money necessary to create the trade show displays that would generate the buzz that we needed as a first time participant. Better yet, we know that this money spent will serve us many years into the future as the trade show exhibits that we created will be well used in the many trade shows we plan to participate in throughout the months and years to come.

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Trade Show Displays

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