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The Benefit of Trade Show Displays, Part I

In Trade Show Displays on October 23, 2009 at 1:40 pm

Another Trade Show Displays Tip:

Display Stands

Display Stands

I was recently working with a company that had signed on to exhibit in one of the largest industry trade shows. This particular show was out-of-state and was a huge financial commitment for our company as there were obviously travel related expenditures, not to mention the actual cost associated with participating in the show. It’s no secret that trade show displays and display stands don’t come cheap, but in order to get the most out of their financial investment it is important for participating companies to fully commit their staff and their resources.

Display Stands

Display Stands

For our company – because it was the first time that we were participating in something like this – it would mark our foray into the trade show world and we needed to be able to introduce our company to our peers (and our potential customers) in the style that it deserved. After all, we had already committed to participating and that participation was going to cost us a certain amount of money – money that we had earmarked for this particular marketing venture. It was therefore important that anything we did going forward was done the right way in order to best protect our investment.

Initially the thought among company management was to simply rent some equipment, and make a showing among the other display stands with some colorful marketing materials including print brochures and fliers – as well as using a company banner that could be mounted behind the table in our booth.

However, I was determined that we not spend the necessary money to participate in such a high-end trade show only to essentially drop the ball when it came to purchasing our display stands.

Just last year, I had attended the very same trade show in which we were now participating and I had gotten a pretty good idea of what our competitors were bringing to the table in terms of trade show display stands. We were going to have to keep up if we were going to have any chance of success. In the next post, you’ll learn the outcome of our trade show experience relating to our decision regarding trade show displays.

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