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Trade Show Displays | Xpressions- A Real 3 D Trade Show Display

In Trade Show Displays on September 13, 2009 at 5:15 am

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Xpressions Snap

Xpressions Snap

The Xpressions or Xpressions Snap system, which is also known as the Expressions Graphic System, has become one of the most popular and frequently used systems in the trade show industry. It is not only easy to set up, but also allows you to communicate your message of advertising in height, depth, and width, which can make quite the statement at any event you attend.

Xpressions Snap

Xpressions Snap

The most commonly used trade show displays have always been two-dimensional, but the Xpressions Snap has changed the way the industry looks at display booths all together. It has created a new and exciting way for companies and organizations to speak to the attendees. You can display your products on the handy shelves that fit in the exhibit’s framework, and can also graphically display things with the panels that slant and angle. These panels can be used to create interesting perspectives of your products and also the overall message of your display.

The Xpressions Snap display makes set up very quick and easy, because all of the display panels are attached to the frame, which makes it an effortless ordeal. You can also add many fun accessories to your Xpressions Snap to make them even more attractive and different so that you are sure to stand out from the crowd at your next big event. You can purchase lights, a light bag, a canvas carrying case, the shipping case, shelves, and feet. You can also purchase the Xpressions SNAP counter which is a great addition. Xpressions Snap is truly a 3 dimensional trade show display that is sure to make you and your company a winner at the next event you attend.

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