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Trade Show Displays | Help Spark Interest, Part I

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Another Trade Show Displays Tip:

Participating in a trade show is meant to spur new business opportunities for businesses that attend. It is a single focused event during which people can network without interruption and where businesses can present their product and service offerings to those attendees that may be interested in hearing more about their company via trade show exhibits.

Trade Show Exhibits

Trade Show Exhibits

But a trade show is still a competitive environment. Just because a business chooses to participate and attendees show up does not mean that the two will find each other. Each business – through their rental of trade show booths – is there to compete against the other and they hope that the use of their personalized trade show exhibits will give them the leg up they need to spark interest among attendees and inspire people to step up to their booth and learn more about them as a company.

To this end, companies will often begin working very early on to design trade show exhibits and trade show displays that are in line with their own personal business philosophy and further their cause to create a buzz. When designing trade show displays for their next upcoming trade show, companies may consider:

Trade Show Exhibits

Trade Show Exhibits

* Visual impact. Trade show displays – in order to be most effective – should be visually attractive for sure; but in order to get the most attention, trade show displays should have visual impact in terms of color, company branding, and multi levels to the trade show exhibits that will give trade show booths some “bulk” and interest.

* Multimedia. In today’s world, a brochure – no matter how colorful, how good the paper stock, and how glossy the finish – will simply not compare to a high-end, well produced multimedia piece. Such is the reason that most companies include flat screen monitors in their trade show exhibits – in order to play promotional pieces on a loop to attract the attention of passerby.

In the next post, we’ll discuss some of the other considerations companies may give to creating upscale, effective trade show displays.

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Trade Show Displays

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