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Trade Show Displays | Large Format Graphics Lose Weight – Literally!

In Trade Show Displays on March 26, 2009 at 9:35 pm

Another Trade Show Displays Tip:

For about 25 years now, pop up trade show displays have been the “portable” product of choice for hundreds of thousands of exhibits at trade shows world-wide. Their popularity grew from their ability to present attendees with a gigantic image that communicated a message in a manner that the previous generation of flat panel exhibits could never do; and so the love affair began!

Trade Show Displays

Trade Show Displays

Now the next phase of growth in the portable segment of the trade show industry is “lightweight pop ups.” Usher in the era of dye sublimated tension fabric hybrid pop up exhibits such as the V Burst graphic display system. With resolution on fabric as good as if it was printed on photo quality paper, lightweight solutions have emerged which provide exhibitors with a whole host of options to suit their taste and budget.

Being “lightweight” has been a great by-product of this next generation of trade show displays. Pop up displays traditionally have weighed from 90 to 110 pounds for a full 10 foot display. Panels themselves weigh about 36 pounds and a set of channel bars will weigh about 21 pounds. Total that up and subtract it from the total weight of a traditional pop up and you have the weight of a 10 foot hybrid display which will come in at about 5o pounds; case and all. Oh, and did I say that the case is about half the size of a typical pop up case which means that shipping is about half too.

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Trade Show Displays

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