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In Trade Show Displays on March 25, 2009 at 9:14 pm

All of us who make a living promoting our businesses in and around the trade show environment, have come to realize that not much ever happens that can save us a buck when it comes to trade shows. Trade shows have always been expensive to attend, but they seem to be reaching heights that not even someone who’s been in the business for 30 years like I have could ever have imagined.

Well, there is one item where the pendulum has swung back the other way and is creating big savings at trade shows. That item is the LED flood light which is replacing the 200 watt halogen light which comes with just about every pop up display that’s ever been sold. Here’s where the savings comes in: LED lights consume only about a 1/10th of the power that halogens consume, so for 2 of the new LED lights that look just like the 200 watt halogens, you only need a total of 46 watts of power; so even with your laptop (65 watts) or some other piece of equipment you power up, you still won’t need more than 500 watts of power (5 amps) which

Trade Shows

Trade Shows

at the rate of $100 per 500 watts is a savings per show of $100 in most venues.

There’s two more benefits too; no more replacing burnt out halogen bulbs and they put out no heat!

This is also very important if you plan to exhibit at a Las Vegas conventions. Due to the potential fire hazard, standard 200 watt halogen lights are not allowed at trade shows in Las Vegas. The LED light is a perfect solution. So if your halogens are getting a little worn out looking or you want to upgrade to the new technology, follow this link to the new LED lights for trade shows and see the difference!

Click here for  additional information regarding Trade Show Displays.

Trade Show Displays

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