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In Trade Show Displays on March 25, 2009 at 11:17 pm

Another Trade Show Displays Tip:

The steady flowing and ever growing lineup of innovative new trade show displays from is filling an obvious void that not only has been missed, but in fact has been totally overlooked for a long time. For the past 10 years it seems that show displays have been getting bigger, bulkier, and generally just more complicated. Manufacturers just couldn’t get it through their heads that us guys that set these up, also suffer from ADD or ADHD, and don’t always get our afternoon fix of Adderall down in time to do us much good during set up. Then we open the shipping case to find there are 67 connections that we need to lock together with 3 different sizes of Allen wrenches; none of which I can find on my Leatherman Tool.

 Trade Show Displays

Trade Show Displays

There aren’t many aspects of business that get less complicated over time; we just keep getting larger laptops or Blackberry’s to manage the myriad of complexities of life. Those of us who are constantly going to, preparing for, or getting back from trade shows know that there has to be a break out there somewhere to make this passions for “marketing to the masses” somehow worth it. Well, there just might be a flicker of light at the end of the tunnel.

What Classic has done in the past two to three years is create several lightweight hybrid trade show displays called Magellan and Perfect 10, which are not only systems that for the most part are packaged with the components partially connected together, but also with most connecting points that tighten together with the twist of a knob; not an Allen wrench. Secondly, you don’t ever need a ladder because they can be assembled by laying them flat on their face where you can easily see what you’re doing, and finally, the dye sub tension fabric graphics easily velcro on from the back which makes the frame extremely rigid before you tilt it upright.

Finally, one additional bonus is that the dye sublimation graphics the fit the Perfect 10 and Magellan trade show displays frames are much less expensive to purchase that the pop up photo mural panel we’ve been buying for 20 years, and the look and feel of this new generation of trade show exhibits certainly differentiates your product from your competitors on the show floor far better than a pop up displays ever could.

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Trade Show Displays

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