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Another Trade Show Displays Tip:

For those of you who have at some point in time entered the online marketing arena as I have with and, both of which sell trade show displays, and attempted to carve out a niche for your product or service in a highly competitive segment of your industry, all of us have sooner or later realized that this pony doesn’t respond to the same tricks as the one you used to market to brick and mortar businesses with. Gone are the days when you can even bring in a highly paid consultant or SEO specialist and be confident that they really understand what they’re doing other than taking advantage of you. I swear 90% of those wonderful folks are just there to take your money and run, but the biggest frustration lies in the fact that the new marketing paradigm is changing in front of us so fast that if we’re working hard in our business, there’s never a waking moment to work on our business.

Trade Show Displays

Trade Show Displays

Face it, the amount of reading one must do each day just to understand the lingo you need to know to be able to comprehend the next article out of hundreds of articles, is overwhelming, and just when you thought you were getting somewhere and finally beginning to understand what the big picture looked like, or at least well enough that you could begin making some kind of progress, Google then tells you that us “business entrepreneurs” now has to get in the social bed and play “relationship entrepreneur” in the form of sites like DIGG and Delicious for starters, or how about Spurl, Furl, Ask, Squidoo, Simpy, Reddit, or magnolia? Man, where will it end?

It won’t end; ever, so that why I’m preparing to use this blog which was started by one of those SEO companies that took my money and ran, and morph it over into a venue where some of my colleagues or competitors can learn from my mistakes, and in the process of just forcing myself to mentally think everything through to a higher level before I post it, submit it, or upload it, that will be my reward.

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Trade Show Displays